Ramp Up Your Sales at No Cost: Why You Should Offer Mobile Top-Up Services

For most people in this modern world, cell phones are essential to daily life. They help people work, communicate, and stay safe. While many people have traditional phone plans through large carriers, many of the unbanked and underbanked communities rely on prepaid mobile phones. Many check cashers, convenience stores, and small businesses don’t offer prepaid phones, despite the value they provide to their community.

As a small business owner, it’s important to leverage products and services that increase profits and customer loyalty. If you offer financial services like money orders and walk-in bill payments, offering mobile-top up would be an easy addition to earn more revenue at no additional cost.

What is Mobile Top-Up?

Mobile top-up services are one of the fastest-growing cash financial services available. Commonly referred to as mobile recharge, mobile top-up services allow consumers to add additional minutes, data, or both to their prepaid mobile phone. Top-up services include domestic and international phone plans which serve as an excellent way for your customers to stay connected with friends and family all over the world.

Are There Hidden Fees?

In a world full of hidden fees and fine print, it’s natural to be skeptical of a service that could help you earn more revenue at no additional cost. With mobile top-up services, you don’t even need to spend a dime to start earning more. Mobile top-up services are offered at no cost to you with a generous revenue split.  Plus, Mobile Top-Up is included with Bill Pay.

Earn More Revenue While Earning Customer Loyalty

If adding mobile top-up services at no cost isn’t already enticing, keep in mind that it can do more for your business than increase revenue. Mobile top-up services help to increase foot traffic while building a loyal customer base.

Small businesses of all types can benefit from the opportunity to implement mobile top-up into their existing portfolio of walk-in payment services. International services, such as international mobile top-up, are fit for stores of all types in diasporas, regardless of average income.

Similar to bill payment, revenue from mobile top-up services is based on commission. With no charges or fees to your business, the commission earned on these transactions will quickly add up.

Prepaid phones are essential to underbanked individuals who want to stay in touch with their friends and family. Whether they’re topping up their own prepaid phone, or sending additional data or minutes to a loved one, these customers will rely on you to stay connected with others.

As customers visit your store for mobile top-up services, they’ll also rely on you for other goods. If you’re a small grocer, customers may decide to do their weekly grocery shop at your store after utilizing top-up services. If you’re a convenience store, they may end up purchasing a tank of gas or grabbing a last-minute item for their pantry.

Offering mobile top-up services increases revenue, both directly and indirectly, but it also increases customer retention rate. Mobile top-up encourages customers to return to your store to replenish the minutes or data on their prepaid phones. Though mobile top-up services are one of the fastest-growing cash financial services, they can still be hard to find. Once customers see that you offer this essential service, they’re likely to return consistently.

Why Choose Fidelity Express?

When deciding to offer mobile-top up services, it is important to choose the right company. We are connected to over 100 mobile providers, both domestic and international, making life easier for you and your customers. Plus, we make sure that adding mobile top-up to your store is easy. Top-up services are included for free with our bill payment services and require no additional equipment. The last thing you want is another bulky machine taking up space at your cash register. Mobile top-up through Fidelity Express requires no pins and only takes a few minutes, making the transaction smooth and efficient.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to earn more money, increase foot traffic, and build a loyal customer base at no additional cost by offering mobile top-up services.