Netspend Prepaid Cards: A Bank Account for The Cash Paying Customer

As a small business owner, repeat business is a top priority. This requires setting yourself apart from your competitors through your products, services, and customer service. At Fidelity Express, we want to help your store be a part of the ever changing financial market. 

As many businesses move toward digital payment methods, cash paying customers find it increasingly more difficult to access the financial resources they need. By accepting cash payments and offering walk-in cash services, you can help your customers make the purchases they need, without jumping through any hoops. 

We want to help you so you can help your customers. Let’s go through some of the benefits that Netspend Prepaid cards can provide both you and your customers.

Walk-in Cash Services are Valuable For Your Business…

With a low startup fee and zero monthly minimums, it’s both easy and low-cost to add Netspend Prepaid Cards to your product offerings. Netspend Prepaid Cards are debit cards that can be purchased at your location for a small fee. Your business gets a commission every time customers reload their cards.

Starting with Netspend is easy, just inquire with Fidelity Express and once you’re approved, we’ll send you a card display and activate Netspend in the PayHereNetwork.

The card display takes up little counter space so you won’t have to worry about the bulky mess that other financial service providers may leave you with. Additionally, our software is easy to use for both you and your customers. Information is saved for each customer, so after their first visit, their transaction will be even quicker.

Knowing that your store not only accepts cash but offers walk-in cash services will draw back customers time and time again. In fact retail stores that provide financial services have shown a 10% increase in foot traffic. With each new customer that sets foot in your store, you have the opportunity to earn their loyalty. They’ll trust you over any competitors because you offer a service that is valuable in their daily lives.

…. As Well as For Your Customers

The beauty of a prepaid debit card for your customers is that it can function as a bank account without having to go through a bank or credit union. Whether your customers have limited access in opening a bank account or simply prefer not to, loading a Netspend Prepaid Card gives them the freedom to make purchases anywhere they choose – in person or online.

Unlike a gift card to a particular business, Netspend Prepaid Cards are open loop cards. Cards that are open loop can be used at any store that accepts them.

Whether adding money to a new card or reloading an existing one, your customers can load up to $500 onto their prepaid card. Plus, it’s easy for your customers to manage their account in the form of a smartphone app!

With their new found freedom, customers will keep returning to your business when you offer Netspend.

We’re Here to Help You, So You Can Help Your Customers

Our team is passionate about driving returning customers to your business. Afterall, as an independent retailer, you need a partner that can help you compete against the big chains.

We’ve worked with locations like yours for over 30 years, providing high-value financial services through our software solutions. We are trusted with millions of transactions each year by thousands of retail locations across the United States.

Don’t miss out on a valuable customer segment – give your customers the opportunity to use your store for their cash needs.