Mobile Top-Up

Man appreciating his new minutes and data just added by Fidelity Express to his prepaid phone.

Recharge for over 100 international and domestic providers

Pre-paid mobile phones are a growing part of the cellular industry, particularly in Central and South America. In the United States alone, there are over 70 million customers using pre-paid mobile.

Mobile Top-Up gives your locations a unique way to serve these customers by allowing them to add minutes and data to their pre-paid phone plan with cash. Fidelity Express Mobile Top-Up offers key benefits over other competitors:

  • Over 100 different operators, domestic and international
  • PIN-less and near-instant addition of time and data (most transactions show up in less than 10 minutes)
  • Generous commissions on each transaction that you keep daily
  • Promotions are updated on our PayHereNetwork software each day

Mobile Top-Up gives your customers access to all major cellular brands and gives them a new reason to visit each week. The best part? You may not have to pay a penny! Pricing.

What mobile providers do we offer?

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