Elevate Your Holiday Season With Fidelity Express

As the holiday season approaches, we are bracing for the chaos of the big-box stores. The long lines and mad rush can make simple tasks like buying a gift card or paying bills overwhelming. At Fidelity Express, we have a solution that not only benefits your customers, but also increases foot traffic at your store! We offer an escape from the insanity of big stores during the holidays. Fidelity Express agents provide a haven of convenience, speed, and efficiency. This is an opportunity for you to position your store as the go-to destination for hassle-free transactions during this busy time. Click here for social media content to let your customers know that you are the best destination for their needs this holiday season.

Our Bill Pay, Mobile Top-Up, and Digital Gift Card transactions take less than 20 seconds on average to complete. This means your customers can get in and out of your store swiftly and happily. Freeing up more time for them to enjoy the holiday season with their loved ones while your store attracts more foot traffic and revenue.

Convenience is one of our specialties.  Our platform offers a wide range of bill pay options including utility bills; water, electric and gas, plus credit cards, internet, and television. Our Digital Gift Cards offer a wide selection as well including Amazon, GameStop, Lowes, Target, and many more! With these options, your customers can handle all their payment needs in one place and can even knock out some holiday shopping.

This holiday season, let Fidelity Express be the key to a stress-free, efficient, and enjoyable experience for your customers. Your role as a Fidelity Express agent is pivotal in making this happen. We appreciate your dedication and commitment to providing exceptional service. Here’s to a successful and prosperous holiday season for both you and your satisfied customers.