Our Products

Fidelity Express products add the financial services you need to your retail locations. Learn more about each of our products and how to signup below.

Money Orders icon or logo

Money Orders have been trusted since the 1800’s to move money safely and securely. Fidelity Express Money Orders feature no monthly fees, expert compliance and low item fees.

Bill Pay 'tilted dollar sign' icon or logo

At Fidelity Express, cash matters to us, that’s why we have a brand dedicated to the cash consumer. The PayHereNetwork is prominent on social media, and our fun, rocked-green dollar signs can be seen from orbit.

Mobile Top-Up icon or logo

With over 100 different operators, Fidelity Express Mobile Top-Up gives your customers a fast way to add minutes and data to their pre-paid phones. Earn a commission off of each transaction!

API icon or logo

We work with hundreds of companies to deliver walk-in payment solutions for their customers. The Fidelity Express retail footprint is thousands strong and touches all 50 states. Intrigued? Let’s talk.

Netspend icon or logo

Give your customers the benefits of a debit card with the convenience of cash. Netspend debit cards are a great way to add an easy-to-maintain financial product to your store.

'21+' icon or logo

All of our PayHereNetwork products include Fidelity Express Age Verification. Ensure your business is following your local laws and keep great records for state compliance.

Digital Gift Card icon or logo

Digital Gift Cards work just like a gift card you see in other retailers, but have no inventory and only require a smartphone and a phone number.