Less Clutter, More Customers: How Fidelity Express Can Benefit Your Business

Owning a small business requires knowing what your customers value so they return, time and again. There is no end to the number of things you can offer at a retailer like yours, so you have to be particular about what you offer your customers.

Unfortunately, choosing additional products or services can clutter your store. Not to mention, the expenses associated with these products or services may not be worth the slim increase in profits.

Why Should You Offer Walk-In Financial Services?

When it comes to gaining a competitive advantage and impressing customers, you want to find the most cost-effective and efficient approach. The best way to do this is to find a specific product or service that your customers place a high level of value or reliance on. This ensures that if you’re spending additional money, it will still bring you profit and help to retain a loyal customer base.

If your retail or convenience store is anchored in a neighborhood location, your customers are more likely to appreciate the ability to use walk-in financial services at your store. This is especially true if the neighborhood near your store has a lot of cash-paying customers.

By offering walk-in financial services to your offerings, you’re able to provide a valuable service to your community without loading up on additional products or bulky hardware. Plus, when you choose the right provider, walk-in financial services are affordable enough to see a sizable return on your investment.

Choose a Service Your Customers Will Appreciate

If you choose to implement new offerings to attract customers, it’s imperative that you do so in a way that creates brand loyalty. Offering promotions or low prices can be successful in the short-term, but they won’t cause your customers to stick around. Plus, you’ll lower your profit with each short-term marketing tactic. You want to build trust with your customers, and choose services that keep them coming back week after week.

Our software is perfect for your customers because the user interface is designed in the style of a consumer app. This makes it easy to navigate and allows for a smooth experience overall. We also integrate our products with several check cashing software providers, including Answer’s Tier3 and SecureCheck, to make every step of the process as seamless as possible.

It’s not just about attracting new customers, but retaining your existing customer base. Our software saves information for each customer so they don’t have to input their information each time they visit. By providing efficient and accurate service, your customers will trust you over any of your competitors.

Avoid the Clutter and Chaos

Not only does our software create a pleasant experience for your customers, but it can make your life as a store owner easier as well.

Our software is light enough to run on a modest PC, or in a browser like Chrome or Safari. This way, you always have access to the products you need without any bulky hardware or additional materials. Many products, like digital gift cards, require no physical inventory, allowing you to make a profit without the jumbled mess.

Plus, with our built-in training mode, you’ll be able to learn everything you need to know about the software to avoid confusion when assisting your customers. If you ever do come up with a question or issue that the training mode cannot help you with, our excellent customer support team is always ready to help.

In addition to user-friendly, space-saving software, our services are also designed to give you a generous commission. Our Mobile Top-Up has low minimum fees, no monthly service fees, and if you are switching from another financial services provider, we’ll waive your set-up fees.

Fidelity Express is Here to Help You

With over 30 years of experience in providing efficient, reliable, and user-friendly services, Fidelity Express can help you form a connection with your customers without cluttering your store or weighing down your expenses. If you want to earn and retain more customers, offering walk-in financial services from Fidelity Express is the most effective method.