Fidelity Express agents are a trusted community resource, providing financial services where consumers live and work. Walk-in bill payment, money orders and age verification financial services allow retailers to continuously develop loyal relationships with their customers.

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    • Why is the VeriFone screen blank?

        The VeriFone needs to be rebooted or at least one of the cables is not connected correctly. Check your cables and reboot the VeriFone.

    • What should I do if the “Tamper” message appears on the VeriFone screen?

        When you see the “Tamper” message, the equipment has locked up and must be replaced. 

        Call our Customer Experience team at 800-621-8030 ext. 7021.

    • Why does the VeriFone display “No Forms Loaded” when I have forms inside the money order printer?

        The VeriFone is not recognizing the forms in the printer. Money order serial numbers must be reprogrammed into the terminal. Call Customer Experience at 800-621-8030 ext. 7021.

    • When voiding a money order, why does the VeriFone display “Serial # Not Found” or the wrong dollar amount?

        When these messages appear on the VeriFone screen, it means your money order numbers are out of sequence. Call our Customer Experience team at 800-621-8030 ext. 7021 for assistance.

    • Why is the VeriFone not printing a report?

        The VeriFone may be out of paper, there may be a paper jam, or the VeriFone might need to reboot. A flashing green light means the VeriFone is not registering paper is loaded. The VeriFone is ready to print when the light is solid green.

    • What should I do if the “Success” message appears on the VeriFone, but nothing prints?

        Please call our Customer Experience team to reset your VeriFone and printer. If this occurs after hours, weekends or holidays, immediately print a Deposit Report. If the money order is on the report as sold, use the serial number on the report and void the money order – then open the printer and remove that money order, write "VOID" across it and mail to Fidelity Express.

    • What should I do if I need to void a money order the day after it is printed?

        To void a money order printed the previous day, call Accounts Receivable at 800-621-8030 ext. 7023. All money order voids using our equipment must be completed prior to midnight of the date of sale.

    • What happens to the documents I process through the scanner?

        When the document is processed, the scanner captures an image of the document and stores it on the scanner. The images are automatically transferred to Fidelity Express on a nightly basis. Fidelity Express keeps these images so you don’t have to keep any paperwork and we can help consumers who have questions about their bill payments. 

    • How does the payment get to the biller?

        You deposit cash received from consumers into your bank account. Fidelity Express drafts your bank account and sends the funds to the biller.

    • How long do I have to void a payment?

        The amount of time you have to void a bill payment depends on the biller. Usually, the window to void a payment is 10 to 30 minutes. If you have questions about if a bill payment can be voided, call our Consumer Care team at 800-621-8030 ext. 7030.

    • Why didn’t a receipt print?

        If the VeriFone fails to print a receipt at the end of a bill payment, check to make sure there is adequate paper and if there is a paper jam. If neither of those issues are present, call our Customer Experience team at 800-621-8030 ext. 7030 to verify the payment went through.

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