Walk-in cash products for the independent retailer

A proud store owner with Fidelity Express cash services that drive traffic to his store.

Fidelity Express

You Serve Your Community, We Serve you.

Our products focus on cash consumers who rely on retail locations rather than banks for their financial support. Our customers are single-store and small chain owners who diligently serve their communities.

Our Products

We have been serving customers like yours since 1988

Be the financial service center for your community

Your customers can Top-Up their pre-paid mobile plans

Integrations for utilities, POS systems, and other platforms

Offer Netspend Prepaid Cards at your store

Digital Gift Cards – the benefits of gift cards without the inventory

Age verification is included with our suite of products

Best-in-Class Walk-in Services

Our products require little to no additional counter space or inventory, are easy to use, and provide immediate value. If you have a PC or laptop and a receipt printer, you’re ready.

…and the Best Service in the Industry

“When I call Fidelity for support I am on the phone with the person that I need to speak with within 2 minutes. That person is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I cannot tell you how valuable that is to me.”

– Mini Mart

“I am happy with the PayHereNetwork and I have seen growth since I joined.”

– Houston’s Discount

“We love the PayHereNetwork. Our Rep gets back to us as soon as possible when we are needing help. It’s fast and convenient; it makes it easier on us and the customer that it saves their information. Fidelity Express is GREAT!!!”

– Angelina Check Express

Why Fidelity Express?

Competitive pricing…

We are built for retail…

The best customer service in the business…

States We Serve


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